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Reactions from a community advocate to the Ward 8 Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, on the topic of “Where are they now? A forum about finding missing people” Presented by Ward 8 Council Member Trayon White, Sr. and Community Leaders.

“Please clear the hallway!” A sea of people packed Excel Academy PCS, a school for girls in Ward 8, Southeast Washington, DC. Community members chattered with concern and excitement and engaged in side conversations about the lack of questions being answered about where are the missing girls of Washington, DC? Finally, engagement between community and panel stirred the pot of concern, confusion, trauma, pain, and solution.

Tonight, we gathered as a community, held in forum with a panel of Ward 8 Advocates, including the Mayor Muriel Bowser and Roxie Farrow of The Exodus Project.

Members of the audience stood in line to ask questions; however, there were breakouts from the crowd that could not be ignored. You could almost see the trauma rising from the souls of these members, one left, one right, one in the back. That cycled continued throughout the night.

Let it be known, Our trauma is real. Our existence was validated tonight and for those that think we could not hear you; guess who was mixed in the crowd? Counselors/therapists, case managers, and parents of victims comforted those that had vibrant reactions. We were exposed to each other’s pain resolved around the mystery of where are the missing girls of Washington, DC? #WhereAreTheyNow

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 In response to one of the outbreak comments from the packed crowd, one panelist was quick to validate the pain and anger heard in the voice of one community member, “We hear you…your pain is real...” Bravo to that Sistah!

March 24, 2017 | Editor in Chief

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Our Initiatives is to effect change within our communities by familiarizing people with the risk factors & outcomes associated with Human Trafficking and enhancing the visibility of those affected by such circumstances.

We are diligent in educating and supporting individuals, service providers, communities, and those affected by domestic human trafficking through collaborative community service efforts, wellness programs, and professional development.
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