US National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1 888-373-7888

We aim to effect change within our communities by familiarizing people with the risk factors & outcomes associated with Human Trafficking and enhancing the visibility of those affected by such circumstances.

We are diligent in educating and supporting individuals, service providers, communities, and those affected by domestic human trafficking through collaborative community service efforts, wellness programs, and professional development.
We are passionate about ending human trafficking in all forms.


The Exodus Project was originally founded in 2013 by Roxie Farrow as a social media sticker campaign to enhance awareness about domestic Human Trafficking within Washington D.C.  As a native Washingtonian and a mental health professional, she is passionate about creating a platform that helps decrease the gaps in services and enhances communal insight within her local community. 

About Us

The Exodus Project (TEP) assists with enhancing awareness about human Trafficking.

We are passionate about identifying the connection between at-risk communities and domestic human trafficking within Washington D.C. through the use of collaborative community service efforts.

 We design and implement workshops, discussion forums, and ted-talk presentations to help the public connect the dots between risk factors and outcomes associated with human trafficking.

 We focus on underdeveloped/undeserved communities, including at-risk youth and service providers connected with foster care and juvenile justice agencies. 

The Exodus Project

The Exodus Project is a category 501c3 nonprofit organization